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On SportSoftware online, you will find everything about my software which I had developed for organising sports events. In the orienteering sport, my software is well-known and used all over the world.
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Stephan Krämer
New! OE12!

Some basic highlights of the SportSoftware V12

Modern UI

Windows panel

Improved layout editor

OE12 Live results
Live results panel

You can compose a panel with live results and display it with a single mouseclick

Chip Reader

Read chips wirelessly!

OEScore V12
NEW! OEScore V12

New in V12!

Rogaining fully supported


Improved team handling

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OEHeats V12 published

OEHeats is an add on for OE12 which helps you in organising events with qualification and final races. It supports both the “normal” way with two single-day competitions as well as the WMOC-model where the qualification consists of 2 stages. More, OEHeats allows to integrate the qualifications/finals completely into a multiday event.
Now OEHeats is available in V.12.1 which works together with the new OE12 V.12.1. This new version is just an update to the new user interface, the new data structure and some improved algorithms “below the surface” of the SportSoftware V12.

If you need more information about OEHeats, please look at the OEHeats page. You can also download the PDF handbook from the V12 download page.

Updates can be ordered through the Online shop or from the author directly.

OEScore and OE12 updated

I have updated OEScore from V.12.0 to V.12.1. Now OEScore has the same state as OE12. This means that the breaking new features of OE12 (see below) are also available in OEScore now. This update is free for all users of OEScore V.12.0.
When working on this update, I found some minor things to be improved in both applications. These are also available for OE12 in a new setup.

OE12 and OEScore will detect this update automatically. You can also use the Check for updates function in OE12 and OEScore to download the new setup. Of course you could also click on the Downloads button to get it.
As usual, the download works as trial version as long as you don’t have a valid OE12 or OEScore V12 license. Updates or new licenses can be ordered through the Online shop or from the author directly.

Chip Reader Android updated

The ChipReader app for Android did not work on 64 bit Android. There was a bug with different data formatting between the 32 bit (which worked also on 64 bit smartphones) and 64 bit versions. This has now been fixed. This update is now available in the Google Play Store. If your smartphone will not find it automatically, then just search for SportSoftware. Click on it to install.

OE12 published

Now it becomes true! OE12 is available!

OE12 had already been delivered “silently” to new OE customers since December 2020 with version 12.0. Now that we got back a quite normal situation with organising O events, it can be published in the new version 12.1. I used the time to implement feedbacks from V.12.0, as well as to implement exiting new features, see below.

The SportSoftware V12 has a new reengineered framework and a new modernized user interface (UI). Nevertheless, SportSoftware users of previous versions will get accustomed to the new UI very quickly, since all user functions can be found in similar places.

The most important functional improvements of the SportSoftware V.12.1 are

  • The support of up to 192 controls per chip or course
  • The new ChipReader apps which allow to read chips at smartphones or Windows PCs and transfer them to OE12 (soon also OS12 and OEScore) by a wireless connection
    Read more details on the ChipReader page.
  • The automatic detection and setup of chip devices
  • Live Results on multiple screens
  • Support of multiple monitors with different resolutions

Watch the slide show at the top to get an impression how the SportSoftware V12 looks like!

Read more details on the OE12 page. Click on the Downloads button and download the OE12 V.12.1 setup or the PDF handbook as a first step! Just try it! As usual, the download works as trial version as long as you don’t have a valid OE12 license.
Updates can be ordered through the Online shop or from the author directly.