Orienteering event software

As a basic principle, I want to offer tools to O-organisers which help them organising a complete event. Thus there are several different applications available for different event types.

OE12 Organising individual and team, single day and multiday events More
Chip Reader Reading chips wirelessly for the SportSoftware V12 More
Online Punch Recorder Recording radio punches for the SportSoftware V12 More
Organising relay events More
Organising score O and Rogaining events More
Races with qualifying and finals, like WOC and WMOC, Knockout Sprints More

All applications are available in 15 languages: German, English, Swedish, French, Italian, Czechian, Hungarian, Finnish, Danish, Portuguese, Turkish, Bulgarian, Polish, Croatian, Spanish.

All applications are available in version 12.1 for Windows 10/11.

Read about the main features which are common to all applications.
Click at the buttons in the table above to get more details about each application.

Printable PDF handbooks can be downloaded from the special V12 download page. Of course you should not only read those handbooks in theory. Start into a new experience immediately by downloading the trial version from the download page and exploring the software! Like it is always in orienteering: Learning by doing!

It is no problem to adapt the software to specific needs by means of add ons. Have a look at the Special applications to see what I had implemented so far.