OS12 is your comfortable and reliable tool to organise relay O events.


1-10 runners per team are supported. This can be defined for each class individually.
OS12 provides an automatic, error-free course distributing (Vännäs, Motala, Farsta are supported). In simple mode, you can also enter “irregular” assignments. Within a class, you can use several courses with different branch methods. This is used at larger relay competitions where there are more than 4 legs per team. The course distribution is the basis for a correct automatic code checking for every runner.
OS12 supports simultaneous runners on the same leg (Xtra-runners). This mode is well-known in Scandinavia where they use it for the youngsters classes.
OS12 allows multiple late starts and multiple restarts, as a maximum one for each leg.
A restart means that you have a break during the race, which can be defined for each class independently. Later you can continue the race. The nextcoming leg will be re-started using a chase start according to the current standings of the race.
This type of relays is very popular in Scandinavia. For example, you can perform the first two legs of a class in the evening as a night race. On the next day, the race will be continued with leg 3. There may be other classes which have a “normal” race only on the second day. This is the way how the famous Smålandskavlen in Sweden is organised.

You may also be interested in a detailed description of the speaker and time taking functions which are included in OS12 Pro (Large).

OS12 comes in different editions.

Standard Up to 400 competitors (not teams!)
Pro Up to 1000 competitors (not teams!), including speaker und finish functions
Pro Large More than 1000 competitors, including speaker und finish functions

If you want to learn more about OS12, then download and test the trial version and/or read the PDF handbook.