Updates of OE12, OS12 and OEScore

A number of important improvements have been implemented in OE12.
The highlight is the new function Send online punches to the web result portal OResults.eu. It sends the punches from radio controls online in real time to OResults.eu. This is a great step to reduce the workload both on the local LAN and the OResults.eu server. This function can transfer the radio punches from the Online monitor – Server and the times from the Time taking function. This new feature will be used together with OResults.eu at the nextcoming IOF championships: EYOC in Poland, JWOC in Czechia and EOC in Hungary. They will also profit from the updated Speaker-Prewarning function, which distinguishes between official and inoffiicial times now, like this is the case with the Speaker support window. Also, the editing of additional chips (which must be used at IOF championships) has become safer to avoid unexpected consequences.
The OE12 Standard license allows courses up to 64 controls and chips with up to 64 punches only. Sometimes this lead to problems with SportIdent SIAC chips with low battery, which save multiple copies of each punch. The handling of this phenomen has been improved a lot especially when downloading such a chip. There will be clear hints issued for the competitor and the organiser.

OS12 and OEScore V.12.1 have been updated accordingly.


OE12, OS12 and OEScore will detect this update automatically. You can also use the Check for updates function in all applications to download the new setup. Of course you could also click on the Downloads button to get it.
As usual, the download works as trial version as long as you don’t have a valid V12 license. Updates or new licenses can be ordered through the Online shop or from the author directly.