Stephan Krämer

Stephan Krämer is the owner, programmer and distributor of the SportSoftware.
Being a professional software engineer and a passionate orienteer, he had committed himself to writing software to help organising O events since the late 70ies during his study. As one of Germany’s top O organisers, he implemented (and still does so) all his know how into the SportSoftware.
In 1986, he won the first price of the IOF software contest with an early DOS version of the multiday software. In the early 90ies he became a freelancer, which allowed him to contribute decisively to the development of the SPORTident electronic punching system. For the SportSoftware, this meant that many highly experienced O organisers around the world contributed their know how.
Today the SportSoftware also supports the Emit punching system and it is the worldwide leading and most used event software not only in orienteering.

One of the highlights of Stephan Krämer’s (right) active orienteering career was a marvellous race at WMOC 2010 together with former downhill champion Peter Müller (SUI)