ChipReader apps: reading chips wirelessly

Using the new ChipReader apps for Android and Windows, you can read in the chips and transfer them to OE12, OS12 and OEScore over WLan. The result is then displayed in a large form on the smartphone or PC monitor, which you can display to the competitor.

This app connects to the SportSoftware applications OE12, OEScore V12 and OS12. Its purpose is to download chips via WLan. The Windows PCs can also be connected by LAN cable, this does not make any difference. Both punching systems are supported: SportIdent and Emit.

The goals of the app are

  • No network cables and switches necessary anymore at the chip download points.
  • You don’t need PCs with the full main software installed (OE12, OS12, OEScore) for chip download anymore.
  • Everybody can work with the app without any introduction into the main SportSoftware.
  • More secure operation since the download operators do not work with the main software.
  • More flexibility for adding new chip download points during the race if necessary.
  • And finally: A big display where the competitor sees his time and whether he has a valid result.

You can download the ChipReader Windows from the download page and install it. ChipReader Android is available in the Google Play Store. Just search for SportSoftware. Click on it to install.
In OE12, OS12 and OEScore, you need to run the Chip Reader Server module to compute the chips with the event data.
The Windows setup installs the Pdf handbook on your PC.