OS12 published

OS12 for relays is available!

In the beta phase OS12 has already been used at some national championships and other events. My warmest thanks go to all early adopters! Especially I want to thank Fabrizio Cocco (SUI) and Urs Hofer (SUI) who provided me their most valuable feedback and bug reports when they prepared for the Swiss sprint individual and relay championships which have been held in Basel last weekend.

OS12 V.12.1 is now in the same state as OE12 and OEScore V.12.1.

The SportSoftware V12 has a new reengineered framework and a new modernized user interface (UI). Nevertheless, SportSoftware users of previous versions will get accustomed to the new UI very quickly, since all user functions can be found in similar places.

The most important functional improvements of the SportSoftware V.12.1 are

  • The support of up to 192 controls per chip or course
  • The new ChipReader apps which allow to read chips at smartphones or Windows PCs and transfer them to OE12 (soon also OS12 and OEScore) by a wireless connection
    Read more details on the ChipReader page.
  • The automatic detection and setup of chip devices
  • Live Results on multiple screens
  • Support of multiple monitors with different resolutions

Watch the slide show at the top to get an impression how the SportSoftware V12 looks like!

Some rarely used functions of OS12 like the restart are not yet implemented. They will be added soon. Also, the translated help files in Swedish, Finnish and Spanish are still under construction. OS12 will find them automatically after they are available.
Read more details on the OS12 page. Click on the Downloads button and download the OS12 V.12.1 setup or the PDF handbook as a first step! Just try it! As usual, the download works as trial version as long as you don’t have a valid OS12 license.
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