OEScore V12 published

Now it becomes true! OEScore V12 is available!

OEScore V12 is the first SportSoftware application which is published in the new V12. The SportSoftware V12 has a new reengineered framework and a new modernized user interface (UI). Nevertheless, SportSoftware users of previous versions will get accustomed to the new UI very quickly, since all user functions can be found in similar places. One other important new feature of the SportSoftware V12 is the support of courses with more than 64 controls, up to 192 controls.
OEScore now fully supports the Rogaining competitions. It fulfils the rules of the IRF (Int. Rogaining Federation). A first version of these special Rogaining features had been implemented into OEScore V11 which had been used successfully at the World Rogaining Championships 2017 in Latvia. The new OEScore V12 has already been tested thoroughly and been used at several competitions. My biggest thanks go to Guntars Mankus (LAT), who has contributed all of his Rogaining experience as a competitor and all of his knowledge as an organiser of many Rogaining competitions. His valuable feedback during testing OEScore V12 (and also his patience during the past two years) allowed me to make it the best tool for Rogaining organisers.
Read more details on the OEScore page. Click on the Downloads button and download the OEScore V12 setup or the PDF handbook as a first step! Just try it! As usual, the download works as trial version as long as you don’t have a valid OEScore V12 license.
Updates can be ordered through the Online shop or from the author directly.

SportSoftware V11 updates

With the new https:// URL and due to some new security mechanisms of this new web site, the Check for updates function in all SportSoftware V11 applications and in OE12 did no longer work. This has been fixed now. Please go to the Download page, download the necessary setups and install them. They all carry the date of today.

Swedish translations revised

Thomas Johannesson (Ronneby OK) did a marvellous job and he revised the Swedish translations in all SportSoftware applications. Initially this had been designed for the coming OE12 V12. But there are so much improvements so that we decided to publish this for the existing SportSoftware applications also. This means all applications in V11 (OE2010, OS2010, EventorManager, OEHeats) as well as the pre release OE12 V.11.95.
To get them, use the Check for updates function in each application. This one will not find a new setup. The reason is because I kept the old release date and only updated the translation. So all Swedish users should download this setup in any case and install it to get the new translations.

OEScore used successfully at the World Rogaining Championships

Last weekend the World Rogaining Championships (WRC) took place in the Rāzna National Park in Latvia.
I was happy to implement a special version of OEScore (OEScoreWRC) which covers the special requirements of Rogaining. The most important features are: supporting courses with 128 controls, a special way of assigning competitors to age classes by using their exact birth date, computing the special mixed classes in Rogaining, special rules for punching (every control must be punched within 1 minute by all team members), special handling of replacement controls (all controls on the map have extra code numbers),  and special procedures and formats for the imports, exports and split time sheets. Everything went very well, as you can see on the link given above.
All these extra Rogaining features plus some more will be implemented in the new OEScore V12. This application will be the first app of the new SportSoftware V12 which will be published next year.