Updates of OE12, OS12, OEScore, ChipReader and OEHeats

OE12 V.12.1 has been improved by many new features.
The SportIdent Center result web service is supported now. This is the results web portal of the SportIdent manufacturer. You can upload the results there. This portal offers enhanced features for split times analysis. The map and the courses can be uploaded directly out of OCAD and be displayed there. OE12 also supports the radio punches of the SportIdent LTE modems which can be downloaded into OE12 via the SportIdent Center.
The new option Time taking only, no code checking in the Event settings is designed to improve the support of non-O competitions. It disables the (orienteering) code checking in the Read chips function. There are also new report layouts to support these competitions which have much fewer intermediate times than an orienteering competition. Since at such competitions the chips do not need to be downloaded in the finish, because the intermediate times had already been sent by the radio controls, there is a new result report available which displays these radio times. This report can also be used for orienteering events.
A special improvement for WREs are the new introduced extra fields for the IOF rankings. This allows to presort for the start list draw by IOF and national rankings for different classes in the same event. More, the start list draw offers both sort orders (ascending or descending) for the presorting now.
The uploads to the Eventor web service have been adapted to recent internal changes of this service. Especially the uploads of WRE results to IOF Eventor have been improved.
With the Emit chip system, the new eScan2 device is supported now.
The Http access functions have been re-engineered. These are the functions which communicate directly with web servers out of the application. Examples are the Web functions (Eventor, ORIS, ol-events.ch, SICenter) and the Speaker Client Web (ROC, Emit, SICenter). The reliablilty and the performance have been improved a lot by this re-engineering.

Some minor bug fixes and small but important improvements with the UI have been done also.


OS12 V.12.1, OEScore V.12.1, ChipReader V.12.1 and OEHeats V.12.1 have been updated accordingly.


OE12, OS12, OEScore and OEHeats will detect this update automatically. You can also use the Check for updates function in all applications to download the new setup. Of course you could also click on the Downloads button to get it.
As usual, the download works as trial version as long as you don’t have a valid V12 license. Updates or new licenses can be ordered through the Online shop or from the author directly.