EventorManager becomes international!

EventorManager is a free add-on for registered OE2010 and OS2010 users which offers the direct connection between Eventor, an international web-based IT system, and the two SportSoftware applications OE2010 and OS2010.
For Swedish SportSoftware users, the EventorManager had been already available since 2012. Nowadays Eventor is licensed by several federations on the world, so this is the first release which allows access to all Eventor installations which are relevant for the SportSoftware. At the moment besides Sweden Sweden these are Australia Australia and the IOF IOF which offers this online portal for the WRE competitions.
The Swedish users can use the Check for updates function in EventorManager to download the new setup and update their installation. Australian users and the WRE organisers can click on the Downloads button at the right to get the setup and install it.

OpenSSL Heartbleed vulnerability

OpenSSL has committed and fixed a vulnerability bug named Heartbleed in their lib. See f. ex. at www.heartbleed.com.
The SportSoftware uses this library for the SSL email and FTP functions. So all of you users are urgently asked to update your installation.
Use the Check for updates function in all applications to download the new setups. Of course you could also click on the Downloads button at the right to get them. These setups do update the OpenSSL files only. There are no changes to the other program files.