Online Punch Recorder: recording radio punches

Using the new SportSoftware Online Punch Recorder app for Windows, you can record radio punches from devices connected to a COM port. Actually it is a standalone Speaker Online Client Monitor which works in exactly the same way like the so named functions in OE12/OS12. It runs on all PCs with Win7, Win10 or Win11.

This app connects to the SportSoftware applications OE12 and OS12. Its purpose is exactly the same as the Speaker Online Client Monitor of OE12/OS12. The PCs running this app can be connected by WLan or LAN cable. So far it supports the SportIdent punching system only.

The goals of the app are

  • You don’t need PCs with the full main software installed (OE12, OS12) for collecting radio punches anymore.
  • Everybody can work with the app without any introduction into the main SportSoftware.
  • More secure operation since the punch recorder operators do not work with the main software.
  • More flexibility for adding new punch recorder points during the race if necessary.

You can download the Online Punch Recorder from the download page and install it.
In OE12 and OS12, you need to run the Speaker Online Server module to compute the punches with the event data.
The setup installs the Pdf handbook on your PC.