OE2010 V.11.0 and OS2010 V.11.0 Updates

These are new updates for the registered OE2010 and OS2010 users. This time there are some more basic features in both applications.
The Send EMails and FTP file upload functions now support secure connections using SSL/TLS.
Emit users can now print the backup label on the split time sheets which are issued after the chip download.
Recently there were some problems at an event with too many entries of the day, so that this user exceeded the limits of his license and thus he had problems to continue with his competition. Now I have implemented a smart solution for that situation, so that such an interruption can be avoided.
In OE2010, the team feature had been implemented which is well known from OEScore V10.
There are also some more smaller enhancements in both applications and of course all known bugs had been fixed.

Use the Check for updates function in OE2010/OS2010 to download the new setups, the additional PDF handbooks and the translated help files. Of course you could also click on the Downloads button at the right to get them.
As usual, the download works as trial version as long as you don’t have a valid OE2010/OS2010 license.
Updates can be ordered through the Online shop (use the button at the right) or from the author directly.