OE2010 V.11.0 and OS2010 V.11.0 Updates

These are new updates for the registered OE2010 and OS2010 users. This time there are a lot of new features in both applications and some major basic ones.
In addition to printing reports to PDF, you can also print the labels to PDF now. The automatic Send EMails function now supports PDF files from the report resp. labels in addition to the former HTML files only.
Emit users can now use the new backup label visualization in the chip evaluation to check whether mispunches had simply happened due to electronic failures. Also, the SportSoftware fully supports the special Emit code 99 punch now.
There are decisive improvements of the speaker and prewarning functions implemented. Mainly these are some more automatic options which make the life of the speaker much easier. Thanks to the professional speakers from Finland and Sweden who provided me their valuable feedback!
In OS2010, the long wished time taking functions have been added now.
Of course all known bugs had been fixed.
Every user is asked to take his time and read the numerous topics of the release notes in the help carefully! Nobody should miss any of the new features… 😉

Use the Check for updates function in OE2010/OS2010 to download the new setups, the additional PDF handbooks and the translated help files. Of course you could also click on the Downloads button at the right to get them.
As usual, the download works as trial version as long as you don’t have a valid OE2010/OS2010 license.
Updates can be ordered through the Online shop (use the button at the right) or from the author directly.