Knockout Sprint using OEHeats

Using OEHeats V.12.1 you can organise Knockout Sprints now.
Knockout Sprint is an official IOF discipline now and part of the Sprint WOC. More and more countries introduce this format as a race of their national championships. Also other Knockout Sprint competitions are held to prepare the athletes for the WOC.
This year I was in contact with some organisers of KO sprints about how to do it best in OE12, with or without the help of OEHeats. Finally this was the motivation for me to implement this into OEHeats.
With OEHeats it is possible to combine both the “normal” Qualification/Final event type and the KO sprint. In some countries this is handled as following. The Elite classes (maybe not only W/M 21 but also 16, 18 and/or 20) have a qualification race and then the KO sprint. All other classes have the normal Qualification/Final mode with several final heats. OEHeats fulfils the standard KO format defined by the IOF, which means 36 competitors qualifiy for the KO quarter final. Then you have 6 heats in the quarter final, 3 heats in the semi final and a final race with the best 6 competitors. In addition to that, OEHeats offers more flexibility. This means that you can define for every class individually where the KO race should start. If there are less than 36 finishers in the qualification, a class can also start directly with the semi finals or even with the final, with any number of competitors.
OEHeats offers an easy-to-use management of the start times of the KO heats. It happens very often that the previously planned time table does not fit to the reality. In OEHeats you can change every heat start time with a single mouse click. The IOF has defined a special overall result format for KO sprints. This is implemented in OEHeats.

OEHeats will detect this update automatically. You can also use the Check for updates function to download the new setup. Updates or new licenses can be ordered through the Online shop or from the author directly.