OEScore V12 update

New UI design
The basic UI design has been changed from MDI (Multi Document Interface with all windows inside the main form) to singular seperate windows like long-time users know from the SportSoftware V10. The main reasons for this step was first that many users wished that (f.ex. to be able to place result reports freely on multiple monitors), and second that Windows10 does no longer support MDI.
When working on the coming OE12 V12, I found many small improvements (mostly with the visual appearance), which have been naturally “inherited” by OEScore. Enjoy them! As usual, bugs reported by the users have been fixed.

OEScore will detect this update automatically. You can also use the Check for updates function in OEScore to download the new setup. Of course you could also click on the Downloads button to get it.
As usual, the download works as trial version as long as you don’t have a valid OEScore V12 license. Updates or new licenses can be ordered through the Online shop or from the author directly.