OE2010 help in Spanish finished

Now the Spanish translation of the OE2010 help file has been finished!
My special thanks go to our translation team. These are the members of the team: Antonio Vázquez Ruiz (GODIH Albacete), Maribel Barrigüete Andreu (ADOL), David Román Moltó (CE Colivenc), José Manuel Prieto Garcia (Ori Colmenar), Ángel Espina Lobeto (Pilona Deporte), and Juan Carlos de Pablo Robredo (Imperdible O).
Use the Check for updates function in OE2010 to download and install the new Spanish help file and the additional PDF handbook. Then reselect the Spanish language to get it working. Of course you can also download the files manually from the support page for Spain or the SportSoftware V11 download page.