OE2010 V.11.0 and OS2010 V.11.0 Updates

These are new updates for the registered OE2010 and OS2010 users. There is a number of improvements common to both applications. F.ex. OE2010/OS2010 now behave more smoothly when using multiple screens and afterwards returning to a single monitor (new automatic window position recovery). The new SportIdent SICard10/11 is fully supported now as well as the new SRR dongle, which may be important for events using radio controls. There are also improvements with the prewarning window.
In OE2010, working with the start organisation had been improved decisively. F.ex., now you can reorder the startboxes by drag and drop and you can filter the view by start places. A new function is the automatic result print service. Using this function, you can offer a print service point at your competition, where the competitors can get instant results and their own split time sheet, using their chip as the key.
In OS2010, some minor fixes with course imports had been implemented. Also, the role of the field Imported which shows how a single linear course had been called in the delivering course setting software, had been improved. It is now displayed in all relevant reports incl. split time results.
Of course there are some minor bug fixes in both applications.
As usual, the download works as trial version as long as you don’t have a valid OE2010/OS2010 license. You can download them from the download page. Additional printable PDF handbooks as well as (so far) the German, Swedish and Finnish help files can be obtained from the special Version11 download page. Updates from V10 can be ordered through the online shop or from the author directly.