OE2010 is your comfortable and reliable tool to organise individual O events, both single day and multiday competitions.
These are all individual competitions where the result is the time for running an O course. OE2010 supports regular O courses with all controls having to be passed in a predefined order, as well as arbitrary courses where the controls can be punched an any order. It is also possible to mix both types within a single course. Individual courses (loop orienteering, one man relay) are also supported.

You may also be interested in a detailed description of the speaker and time taking functions which are included in OE2010 Pro.
With the multiday license, there are the point scoring results integrated.

Pure score O competitions can be processed by the OEScore application.

OE2010 comes in different editions.

Standard Up to 150 competitors
Std. Large Up to 500 competitors
Pro Up to 1000 competitors, including speaker und finish functions
Pro Large More than 1000 competitors, including speaker und finish functions
Multiday option The multiday functions, can be ordered in addition to any of the above

If you want to learn more about OE2010, then download and test the trial version and/or read the PDF handbook.