SportSoftware V12 Downloads

This page supplies additional downloads to the SportSoftware V12. For downloads of the software, see the main download page!

By default, only the English help is included in the setup of the software. You can install the help files and PDF handbooks in the other languages directly from within your application. Click on Help – Check for updates. This will display all available translations. You can download the help files and/or PDF handbooks and they will be installed into your application automatically. The check for updates is also done when you select your language. Basically the PDF handbooks include the same content like the help files. However, it may be easier to print selected pages if you like that.

PDF files in English

OE12 V.12.1 13.5.2022
OEScore V.12.1 10.3.2022
OEHeats V.12.1 7.12.2021