Common features

Some main features are common to all applications:


  • 32/64 bit Windows look and feel
  • administration of multiple events
  • entry management
  • support of national runners databases for quick entries
  • course setting
  • start list (incl. control cards)
  • seamless integration of the SPORTident and Emit systems incl. automatic code checking
  • speaker support
  • time taking (connection to any external time taking system possible)
  • preliminary results, result sheets
  • results
  • various export and import file interfaces for additional event data processing (CSV, XML)
  • variable report layouts, internet publishing
  • automatic connection and direct access to web services
  • visual layout editor to design any label sheets: address labels, receipts, results, diploms, etc.
  • networking

These features are common for all SportSoftware versions. The new SportSoftware V12 has some important improvements:

  • The support of up to 192 controls per chip or course (not for relays)
  • One-Click single-level mega menus for a quick access to all functions and reports
  • New UI in Windows 10 style
  • Multiple event types supported (see the description of the applications for more details)
  • The new ChipReader apps which allow to read chips at smartphones or Windows PCs and transfer them to OE12 (soon also OS12 and OEScore) by a wireless connection
    Read more details on the ChipReader page.
  • The automatic detection and setup of chip devices
  • Live Results on multiple screens
  • Support of multiple monitors with different resolutions
  • Of course many detail improvements and many new features which had been collected in V11 times