Tjoget is a large Swedish national relay competition with teams of 20 runners each.
It is organised by the two clubs Lessebo OK and Emmaboda OK each year since 1976. This race attracts usually about 120-140 teams which means 2800 runners.

There are some special features of this race which must be covered by a specialized application.

  • After the legs 1-7, there is a chase restart with leg 8 at 1.00 o’clock in the night. Legs 8 to 10 are night legs while the subsequent legs follow in the rising sun until the final decision at about lunch.
  • Several late starts after different legs can be performed. For each late start, there is a finish closing time and all subsequent runners up to a predefined leg will be put into the late start. Those runners can change over regularly again.
  • All teams will get a valid result (except mispunches, of course…). Teams with late starters must not beat those which had done all changeovers regularly.
  • There are some rules how each team must be composed of runners of different age and sex.

This had been realised by a special version of the standard software: OS2001 för Tjoget.

Special features of OS2001 för Tjoget:

  • Handling teams of 20 runners (OS2001 standard is 10)
  • Entries: To be able to check the correct composition of each team, age and sex are required fields. A special check function had been implemented for this purpose.
  • Import and export functions adapted to cover the requirements of the above check function.
  • Multiple late starts New function to handle this special feature of Tjoget correctly.
  • Result calculations compute the late starts according to the competition rules.

For 2002, the software had been updated to the level of version 9.8. Some minor fixes and enhancements had been implemented. For example, the handling of the late starts and the restart had been improved.

New in 2002 is the special speaker software OSSpeaker för Tjoget. This is an adaptation of the standard OSSpeaker to the special data structure of OS2002 för Tjoget.