Since 1999, the Smålandskavlen uses electronic punching with SPORTident.
This is a large relay competition which is in Scandinavia nearly as famous as Tiomila. In 1999, the attendance was over 600 teams with appr. 3500 runners. It is exciting how this event runs. The first two runners do not run a regular relay race but an individual night race on Saturday evening. Afterwards the results of both runners will be added.
The course distribution for all 6 runners has to be done like in a regular relay.
To produce as much tension as in a relay race, there are some special rules for the start list draw. Four runners start simultaneously at intervals of one minute. Those four must not have the same course combination nor are they allowed to be from the same club. „Start runners“ have to be drawn in the first block, while the second runners have to start later. During the race, current individual and overall team results have to be available.
On Sunday morning, the third runners have a chase start. That means that they start like they would have changed over at a regular relay. The remaining event continues like an ordinary relay competition.

This had been realised by special versions of the standard software. OS2000 for Smålandskavlen stems from OS2000, while OE2000 for Smålandskavlen is a descendant of OE2000, both from the Swedish editions.
Both applications include all standard features as well as special ones for Smålandskavlen.

Special features of OS2000 for Smålandskavlen:

  • Import of the team entries which had been entered on a web page
  • Import of the (later entered) runners’ names and SI card numbers from the web page
  • Export of the first two runners together with their individual courses for the night race to OE2000 f. S.
  • Import of the night race results including all split times
  • Calculating chase start times for the third runners incl. special reports
  • Extra handling of the late start
  • Special SPORTident results

Special features of OE2000 for Smålandskavlen:

  • Import of the runners together with their individual courses for the night race
  • Start list draw according special rules
  • Special code checking on the individual courses
  • Team results of the first two runners
  • Export of the night race results including all split times
  • Special SPORTident results

For the 2000 event, both applications had been upgraded to the current versions 9.6 together with some small enhancements.
For 2002, the software had been updated to the level of version 9.8.
Also in 2003, the organisers had a benefit from the update to the current version 10.0.
In 2005, the update to version 10.2 had been done. As a new feature, classes will be supported which do not run the night course but on Sunday only.
Since 2007, the newest version 10.3 is in use.