Online support for the speaker

The speaker functions are included in the OE12 Pro (Large) resp. OS2010 Pro (Large) license.


You can support all intermediate times for each runner. They can be entered manually or transmitted online from the control stations, both wired or by radio transmitting. For example, the finish stations can be monitored. Thus the speaker can get the official time immediately if he does not want to wait until the chip had been read.

The speaker can watch online all times and placings of the selected class in a special speaker window and talk about this. The display is updated every second automatically. You can customize the layout of the table by multiple selection and sort options.
During the race, you can print current intermediate results from the radio controls and publish this.

If you want to watch several classes simultaneously, you can (you should!) operate the SportSoftware in a network.

Support of an external display medium
A function to drive any display media is included. It had been initially implemented to support live TV reports from the Park World Tour.

This function offers a well defined interface to external DLLs which can be implemented by any 3rd party.
You can display the current running time of any runner at any radio control or at the finish. The next to beat and the leading runner is shown in two extra lines. Once the runner had punched the radio control or crossed the finish line, the time will stop and his current placing will be displayed.
With the SportSoftware, a sample Demo DLL is included which uses this interface and emulates a display in an extra window.
This DLL must be replaced by a special one to drive real display boards.

Interested programmers or users can ask me for the source code (Delphi Pascal) of this DLL. This is easy to understand and the definitions may be converted to any other programming language, for example C#. The external DLL can be written in any programming language.

Special features for relays
Because the runners have different courses, at relays only the common controls of each class/leg will be monitored.
Some additional information given here may be useful for the speaker, f.ex. time/place of each team at the previous changeover, or the name of the next runner (who is taking over from the currently finishing runner), running times of the current leg, etc.