OEHeats: Organising a competition with qualification/finals

OEHeats is designed to support O events which are organised by qualification and final heats. It supports both the “normal” way with two single-day competitions as well as the WMOC-model where the qualification consists of 2 stages. More, OEHeats allows to integrate the qualifications/finals completely into a multiday event.

The events have to be organised using OE12. OEHeats supplies the necessary features to create the qualification heats (based on the entries) and the start list for the final race (based on the qualification results).

A short list of the features:

  • Classes planning for qualification and final
  • Creating the start list for the qualification race
  • Anonymous start list reports for the qualification race
  • Computing the start list for the final race.

If you need to know more details, then study the PDF handbook which you can download from the V12 download page.