Electronic punching systems

The electronic punching systems had been specially developed for the orienteering sport. They offer features which make orienteering more exciting and enjoyable. For example, increased course setting possibilities, reduced workload for organisers and multiple evaluation possibilities for runners and coaches.

The SportSoftware supports both established electronic punching systems: SPORTident (since 1996) and Emit (beginning with version 10.3, February 2007).

Having been the co-developer of the SPORTident system, I have deep insight into the hardware design and the logics which is implemented in electronic punching systems. I do also know the different philosopies behind both systems very well.
This allows me to implement an event software which enables you to use all these possibilities in an effective and simple way for organising your O competition.

Newest experiences of the users all over the world will continuously be implemented in this software.

For more information about electronic punching, visit the web sites of the manufacturers Emit and SPORTident.