BAOC 2000

By turns, the British Army Orienteering Team Championships had been held in Germany on June 17/18, 2000. SPORTident had been used the first time there.

These championships consist of a relay event on saturday and a team event on sunday with teams of 4 runners. The overall time of both races gives the championship result. There are special rules for calculating the overall result and for the team event.

Team event
The team event is organised according special rules which are known in the British Army as the Harris Event. Basically, it is similar to the German distributed team event. But there are some differences. The obligate controls need not to be punched in the predefined order. The overall time of each team is calculated as the sum of the individual times of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th runner. The race is started by mass start. Thus this competition is also called the Harris Relay.

Overall results
The overall time for each team in most classes is given by the sum of both races. The time calculation method of the Harris Event and suitable course lengths will imply that both times will be nearly equal.
In the main class Major Unit, there is a special competition format. Each military unit has to enter two teams (team A and B). The results of both teams on both days are added to deliver the overall result.

These functions had been implemented in the application OT2000 Harris Event, which is a descendant of the standard OT2000. It also includes the transfer of the runners’ names from OS2000 to OT2000 as well as the import of the relay results for the overall results.