Swiss O Week 1996

Swiss O Week 1996 had been held in Brunnen/Switzerland from August 3rd to 10th.
Swiss O Week was organised as a 6 days event. Overall results were calculated by score rates. Elite categories had a special competition scheme to attract spectators. There was a prologue (short distance) with couple starts. On day 3, Elite runners had to compete in a spectacular loop orienteering event with mass start. The final decision was made by chase start. Start times were calculated from score rates after day 5 (incl. prologue) by a special formula. Organisers of Swiss O Week did the best choice selecting the software to use. OLEinzel was used for the prologue while the 6 days were organised using MTageOL. They are both standard applications now successful on the market for 10 years. Special features of Swiss O Week had to be implemented in an individual application named SwissOL. SwissOL operates on existing OLEinzel resp. MTageOL data and uses existing modules of both applications.

A short list of SwissOL features:

  • organising the prologue (data transfer between OLEinzel and MTageOL)
  • mass start for the loop orienteering event
  • calculating score rates
  • chase start for Elite categories
  • several special result reports

Organisers of Swiss O Week were very pleased with performance and productivity of the software. Among others, start times of each stage had to be adjusted to the difficult transport organisation. MTageOL covers this with its standard features.

Today this functionality (and more) is implemented in the special software OESOW, which is an add-on for OE2010. It had been used several times at Swiss O Week.