Park World Tour 2000

The Park World Tour had chosen to use SPORTident from the year 2000 on.

There are special requirements of the PWT which implied both developments of new SPORTident hardware and an add on to the standard OE2000 software. This software is called OE2000 for PWT. It includes all standard features of OE2000 and special functions for the PWT.

These are the requirements and how we solved them.

Supporting time taking in tenths of seconds
To fulfil this, the finish times must be measured in tenths coming from a light bar at the finish line. Additionally, there must be a real time start using a device which also delivers the actual start time measured in tenths of seconds.
For this purpose, we developed the new SPORTident sprinter stations. These are extended stations which have two connectors: one for an external time trigger device and one for the PC. You can connect either a light bar, a start bar (which is used f.e. in downhill skiing), or a simple button by which you can trigger the time manually. In addition, these stations work as normal start resp. finish stations. At the start, the runner punches the station shortly before the start. Then he runs trough the start bar which delivers his exact real start time. All information is sent automatically to the PC where the start time is assigned to the runner identified by the SI card punch. In the finish, this works in the opposite way. When the runner crosses the finish line, the finish station first sends the finish time and then the punch made by the runner afterwards.
It is up to the software to make the best of this information. Of course, in addition to the „normal“ situation given above, there may be some extreme cases. OE2000 for PWT can handle this all in the best way by powerful online monitor functions both for the start and the finish station.

Support for an external time board
The running time of the next runner expected at the finish can be displayed on an external time board. When the runner had crossed the finish line, it shows the official time of this runner immediately. OE2000 for PWT provides the necessary features.

Speaker support using all these devices
In the speaker window of OE2000 for PWT, the speaker sees all necessary information about what is going on in the race. This includes intermediate times from out on the course which are delivered by the OESpeaker application.

Of course, all these tasks can not be covered by a single PC resp. operator. All functions work in the network like the standard functions of OE2000.

Beginning with 2001, all features of OE2000 for PWT were covered by the standard versions of OE200x, OESpeaker, and OEFinish. Today those functions are included in the OE2010 software.