Fyrklubbs is a special club competition held once each year in the district Skåne in Sweden. The event itself is held as a normal O event, but the most important result there is the club result which has to be calculated in a well defined way.

Each club is acting as a team. The teams are assigned to 5 divisions A – E. Those divisions are similar to football leagues etc. After the event, the best teams of each division is allowed to ascend to the next higher division, while the last teams have to descend to the next lower division for the next year.

Each division has 6 courses. Each club must have at least a predefined number of runners in each course. The result of each club is computed as the sum of the best n times in each course. If a club does not have enough runners in a course, then it can’t get a valid result.

For example, in the highest division A, each club must have the following numbers on the 6 courses:
Men Long: 5 runners, Men Medium: 5, Men Short: 5, Women Long: 3, Women Medium: 2, Women Short: 2.
This decreases down to the lowest division F, where the numbers are 2/2/3/1/1/2.
Of course, it is necessary to have more runners starting on each course than required, because some may not finish because of mispunches, etc.

These requirements had been solved by the application Fyrklubbs, which is an add on to OESverige and works directly on its event data.

It includes:

  • Course definitions for the 5 divisions
  • Special entry report which shows if all teams fulfil the requirements of their division.
  • Special result report which can also be used during the race by the speaker.

For 2002, the software had been updated to the level of version 9.8. An automatic result report had been added, as well as a new classification by the number of started runners per club.

In 2004, there was another update to the current version 10.1. Some new result reports had been added.