Hyltes 2-mila

Hyltes 2-mila is a special Swedish long distance competition where the main class has a course length of 20km (which is 2 mila in Swedish). It is organised by the Swedish club Hylte OK each year in November.



There is a mass start and the event is a loop orientieering competition. The special feature of this event is that every runner can decide himself for every loop, in which direction he wants to run it. This can be either forward like the controls are numbered or exactly backwards. The order of all loops is predefined but varies among the runners.

These requirements had been solved by the special application OE2001 för Hyltes 2-mila, which is derived from the Swedish edition of OE2001.

  • Each loop combination must be defined as an extra course, using only the forward direction of each loop. The loops must be terminated by a well defined common control. The courses will be assigned to the runners individually, using the individual courses feature of the standard OE2001.
  • There is a special code checking algorithm implemented which allows each loop to be run in the reverse direction.
  • SICard evaluation includes some visual enhancements to get the best overview what the runner really had done.

For 2002, the software had been updated to the level of version 9.8.