ORISManager is designed to offer a direct connection between the Czechian online service ORIS and OE2010/OS2010. It is a free add-on and it requires a valid license of OE2010/OS2010.
With the new SportSoftware V12, the ORIS functions are included in OE12/OS12.

ORISManager has direct access to both your event data on ORIS and the SportSoftware event data on your local computer. The application saves all downloads directly into OE2010/OS2010, and the uploads are created directly from the local event data.

A list of the features:

  • Download of classes and entries
  • Download of rankings (OE2010 only)
  • Download of runners’ names (OS2010 only)
  • Download of the national database into the archive
  • Import of Youngster classes draw

If you need to know more details, then download the setup from the download page, install it and read the help.