The MultiSport software is designed for all sports where the performance is measured as time. A special feature of this software is its support of combined competitions, where several disciplines are performed directly after each other. These types of competitions are called like “Multi Sport Event”, “Versatility competition” or “Adventure Event”. The best known competitions of these types are the classic Triathlon, as well as many Duathlons in all possible combinations of disciplines.
MultiSport supports up to 10 disciplines with up to 20 time taking points each. You can have team competitions where the team members change over several times during the race.
Of course, you can use MultiSport also for “simple” competitions with a single discipline only.

The best known time taking systems are supported. At the moment these are ALGE, MicroGate and SPORTident. Also a time taking using the PC clock is implemented. As an option, they can be used together with a chip system. So far, SPORTident is supported.

MultiSport is available in several languages. It is available in version 10.1 for Windows95 and newer.

The main features are the same as for the orienteering software.

  • 32 bit Windows look and feel
  • administration of multiple events
  • entry management
  • support of national runners databases for quick entries
  • defining courses with up to 10 disciplines and up to 50 time taking points
  • start list
  • chip systems: SPORTident
  • time taking systems: PC clock, ALGE, MicroGate, SPORTident
  • preliminary results, result sheets
  • results
  • online speaker support
  • various export and import file interfaces for additional event data processing (CSV, XML)
  • variable report layouts, internet publishing
  • visual layout editor to design any label sheets: address labels, receipts, results, diploms, etc.
  • networking

MultiSport comes in two issues, a Light and a Pro version.
The Light version has the following restrictions, compared to the Pro version:

  • max. 100 competitors possible
  • no network supported
  • no Chip systems supported
  • no multiple report layouts supported
  • no speaker functions available

If you want to learn more about MultiSport, then download and test the trial version.